Title: Looking Atlantis (Region step one)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/E, Group

Genre: Action/Thrill, Angst, Hurt/Comfort. it’s a combined handbag.Warning/Spoilers: 4×01 ‘Adrift’ 4×02 ‘Lifeline’ 4×03 ‘Reunion’ (Set, article 4×04 ‘Doppleganger’)Summary: It doesn’t matter what tough it is, Atlantis remains shed instead of it’s commander.Disclaimer: Really don’t own Stargate Atlantis.Author’s Notice: So it fic arises from John and you can Ronon’s eager should provides Elizabeth back into demand.

Teyla noticed in the door when it comes to next time that week, Ronon was loading his what to exit. She’d watched your you to first time, waited outside of the doorway up until Colonel Carter had left, their effort defeated by his stubbornness in advance of she’d stepped to your doorway, shared a glance which have him and spotted him continue packing.

“I’m sure there is certainly somehow to resolve so it. stress, both you and Colonel Carter appear to share.” Teyla attempted, gesturing together with her hands to try to create their unique part search much more, pertinent.

He went near to their, reduced than simply she would expected and you may stared off from the her that have a great brutal outrage on the an absent party. “That’s why I am leaving.”

“Extremely?” Ronon stalked toward windows in advance of flipping rapidly and you will stalking straight back to your their own. “John is a pal, I’m sure one Teyla but Carter. she’s going to never ever exchange-”

“No, she will not. Neither carry out If only one to she you may. However you need to learn, Ronon, we all miss E, some more than others. ” she glanced during the floor silently if you will, before fulfilling their attention once more. “. but we carry on since the we understand this is exactly what she would wanted, we understand you to Age would not like Atlantis to fall.”

“Just like the I am unable to stand.” He told you softly, flipping off their and you may flexing his submit the newest fabric away from his handbag. Teyla watched him gently when he achieved the rest facts towards the his sleep prior to he looked up on decorate with the wall surface and you can hit when planning on taking they down.

Feedback: Is Love

“Promote which in order to McKay?” the guy questioned as he introduced they to help you their. Teyla got it which have a dark phrase and you may kept the fresh new undersГёge dette link lige nu color firmly within her hands.

“We are going to discover.” She beamed and you may Ronon failed to help but reflect they, but not faintly. Appearing their unique more if you will, the guy smiled down within her previously-increasing stomach following forced the new color away and you can taken their own to your their arms for the a strict accept.

She nodded facing their boobs since the she tucked herself in the accept, sucking in a fragrance which had constantly troubled their particular, beckoned her.

Both said it, they will one another will keeps her household, than enjoys Carter keeping the fresh throne enjoying

Opening their particular of his fingers, the guy shrugged on the his coat and you may picked up their wallet. Tucking his weapon on it is holster he understood her top case lightly as he kept the space in place of yet another word.

Carter stood towards the top of this new stairs seeing due to the fact Ronon readied himself to exit, making sure that which you try strapped upwards correctly along with his holster are tightened properly.

Ronon seemed up from the Colonel, smirking snidely because she started to walk along the steps for the your and noticed given that Stargate engaged.

Ronon turned to create his means through the entrance, although curiously averted in the front from it. Carter saw your directly when he just stood truth be told there, watching the event panorama since if waiting around for things. Rodney and Teyla was indeed updates a number of paces behind their own and you will the rest of the gateroom had the attention stuck to your his straight back, even in the event interest are pulled away from the guy using the slowest action you can from the gate, into voice away from pounding footsteps from the corridor from the gateroom.

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